Thursday, April 30


Life is like a board game
You live and you learn
I thought i was living righy
Until i took the wrong turn
My uncle once told me
Dont take on the world
Head first
One step at a time
So you dont get hurt
Life is like a board game
Achieve your goals
One step
At a time.
By: Eze

Tuesday, April 21


It's with great excitement that we launch our first LEAP poet, EZ, from Stamford, CT.  I am currently a freshman at Norwalk Community College and I write poems about the rough path in my life that made me the man I am today and where i want to be in life. I hope my poetry can inspire you and others to believe in yourselves and overcome any of life's challenges. I encourage you and others to email me any poems or feedback on my poems at

Tuesday, June 12

In the Simplest Terms

LEAP is:
+ a local diverse partner
+ a global partner
= a LEAP partnership

Three diverse partners commited to collaborate as leaders and solve a chronic issue that plagues their communities


Monday, June 11

A Little Bit More About Us

Huffington Post Article on LEAP

Our Mission

Engage Young People from disparate socioeconomic and cultural communities, as equals, in curricular and after school discussions designed to ensure that they see themselves as important, act as leaders, and build outreach programs that create the change they envision.

Who We Are

 LEAP is an educational program designed to empower young people by building local and global partnerships among cultural and/or socio-economically disparate groups. Its primary objective is to offer a platform for leadership development, philanthropic curriculum. and change the way outreach is looked at today.